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Xcode Custom Key Bindings

Sep 08 14

Adding Custom Commands

Open this file:

At the bottom create a new entry and add any custom commands. Below is an example of the custom commands Delete Line and Duplicate Line:

    <key>Delete Line</key>
    <string>selectLine:, delete:</string>
    <key>Duplicate Line</key>
    <string>moveToBeginningOfLine:, deleteToEndOfLine:, yank:, insertNewline:, moveToBeginningOfLine:, yank:</string>

Exporting Key Bindings

Key binding sets are stored in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/KeyBindings/. A new set can be created via Xcode preferences in the Key Bindings tab. These sets are immediately available to all installed Xcode versions. Simply copy these sets to import them into another Xcode on another machine.